In Cloud Telephone Systems

Cloud phone systems- they’re all the rage! But what are they? A cloud phone system is hosted in the cloud, which means that data is stored in a secure server which you can reach over the internet. A cloud phone system replaces traditional land lines. Instead of an answering machine tape, phone bills, and tons of wires, a cloud phone system is stored digitally. This makes it less expensive and easy to use. With this option you have a lower up front cost and is most attractive for businesses from 5 to 15 employees.

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On Premise Phones

An on-premise VoIP system is a phone system in which the equipment including servers, cables and routers must be installed at the company’s physical location. All hardware associated with a traditional on-premise phone system is deployed and maintained by Key Communications. The right audience for this type of VoIP system is medium to large enterprises interested in systems that can be easily tweaked, swiftly modified, and uniquely configured for optimal control and customization.

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phone-canstockphoto10859076Dial Tone service for Business from Key Communications is here! Our telephone system clients have been asking us for years why we could not supply the dial tone instead of using one of the large dial tone suppliers.
We here at Key Communications have been working on creating a alternative to traditional dial tone services for Business users and we have it now. You get to keep your existing phone numbers and with our service you get a customized feature set based on your needs. Features such as mailboxes with E-Messaging or text messaging, Auto attendants, Direct Dial numbers, remote number porting, unlimited calling*, outbound caller ID of your main number on all lines, call forwarding manual and automatic, HD sound quality (better than the old analog dial tone sound).


What Makes Key Communications the Clear Choice?

Easy to use. Feature rich. Future-proof. That’s what you get from us right out of the box. Easily accessible via any modern web browser or mobile device, our feature rich platform helps to improve your communications, streamline your business processes, and facilitates your growth and success. In addition, our support for our customers is second to none, and our experienced support team endlessly strives to enable you to compete and win, and sound good doing it.

As your needs grow and change over time, so do our features and capabilities. Endlessly scalable, flexible, and reliable, our cloud communications platform is truly future-proof, so you can focus on your business, and know that your communications solution will always remain relevant and competitive.